Audi Prepares its First All-Digital Market Launch of a New A3

Audi Prepares its First All-Digital Market Launch of a New A3

Audi is readying its first purely digital global market launch of the new A3 family. The A3 will reach customers in the course of the year.

Roughly 35,000 retailers and service technicians around the world should be trained for this in digital formats.

Audi uses a train-the-trainer principle: it provides centralized training for about 400 products (including physically at location), sales and service trainers, 250 technical trainers from 90 markets worldwide. These trainers then pass on what they’ve learned to the respective employees at their locations.

For the first time, the Audi used virtual reality formats for the market launch of the e-tron. Now the company is applying it to the A3 family.

Order books open in Europe for the new Audi A3 Sportback and the A3 Sedan. They will arrive at Europe’s dealerships this summer, with the other markets to follow successively. The Audi A3 g-tron and a plug-in hybrid version will join the range in 2020 as well.

Several week ago, Audi started the “Central Launch Experience” (CLX) for the market launch teams.

Audi’s digital formats include:

  • web-based training courses on new design features, engine/transmission, assist systems;
  • video conferences to clarify detailed questions with experts from Ingolstadt;
  • extensive training documents available globally on an online platform;
  • a digital self-learning program with pre- and post-testing;
  •  Audi Service TV – expert tutorials for questions coming from the markets;
  •  an augmented reality training course on the drive units;
  • a virtual reality application with technical highlights of a model.

Source: Audi

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