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Audi Mulls Over Return Of The A6 Allroad Wagon To The U.S.

According to Audi USA, the allroad wagon version of the Audi A6 may return to America, if the company will make the appropriate decision.

The 2020 Audi A6 allroad will possibly come to the US car market. Usually luxury wagons like this don’t find their way to America, but maybe not this time.

Over past years, the German automaker offered only the A6 allroad C5 and the A4 allroad there.

In the USA

If the new A6 allroad reaches the Unites States, it’ll have a gasoline 3.0-liter turbo V6 from the current A6 sedan (335hp, 369lb-ft / 500 Nm) instead of the 3.0-liter turbo diesel, as well as Quattro AWD.

Diesel options available for Europe will hardly be offered to US customers.

Unlike the regular Audi A6, the allroad is a more off-road capable vehicle with the features typical for the wagons of this class: extra black cladding, a standard adjustable air suspension and all-wheel drive, a lifted ride height.


The Audi A6 allroad pricing for America will be probably around $60,000 putting it in line with other mid-size luxury wagons on sale in the country – the Volvo V90 Cross Country and the Mercedes-Benz E450.

In Europe

In Europe, Audi sells the latest-gen 2019 A6 Avant wagon (from €58,200 in Germany), plus a more rugged 2020 A6 allroad quattro has recently debuted (from €61,500).

The EU-spec entry-level Audi A6 allroad delivers 228hp and 369lb-ft (500Nm) of torque.

The mid-level car produces 282hp and 457lb-ft (620Nm), while the range-topping Quattro 55 TDI model can boast 349hp and 516lb-ft (700Nm).

Source: Car and Driver

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