Audi Is Working On a Super High Premium Autonomous Vehicle

It will be a ‘radical new concept’ developed under Audi’s Project Artemis program.

The company plants to introduce this new highly efficient electric vehicle with a focus on long-distance traveling in 2024.

Marc Lichte, Audi‘s chief designer, said in his recent interview that the upcoming model will be autonomous, revolutionary, built on the PPE architecture (to be used then in Audi, Porsche,  Bentley cars), and belong to a super-high-premium segment.

Its code name is the Landjet. The car will remove any need for controls. Audi wants to have a self-driving competitor to Tesla’s Autopilot.

The car is underway in Lichte’s design studio. The layout of its interior will be all-new, while the exterior will also differ from other Audis.

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