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Audi E-tron Showcased At Munich Airport In Extraordinary Way

Before the official launch on the car market of Germany, Audi has showcased its new all-electric Audi e-tron model at Munich Airport in a multi-tier meteorite covering 630 m2. The exhibit will stand there until mid-March 2019.

Visitors of the airport can experience the car (technologies, service ecosystem) as well as other Audi’s projects in the MAC Forum between the terminals 1 and 2.

The meteorite offers a comprehensive overview of electric mobility, from charging or recuperation to driving. Kids can go on their own expedition through the meteorite with ADUI – a small animated robot. A short test drive is possible without prior registration or one-hour drive booked in advanced.

Audi will use the meteorite to organize global sales, during central launch training for the Audi e-tron. More than 9,500 dealers from around the world will learn in details about the model’s technology and ecosystem.

Visiting an escape room within the directly adjacent myAudi Sphere at Munich Airport, people will be able to play through multiple scenarios. Time slots should be booked. Those who solve all the puzzles are awarded with a test drive.

This year Audi is going to build one of the world’s largest charging station systems at Munich Airport, with more than seventy AC (22 kW) and six DC (150 kW) charging points.

Source: Audi media center

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