Aston Martin Models Will Use Synthetic Fuels Instead Of Full Electrification

Aston Martin Valkyrie Spider 2022

Mid-engine Aston Martin models will not go electric. The automaker will continue developing combustion cars and consider using synthetic fuels rather than completely switching to electric vehicles.

Not all Aston Martin models will go electric despite the modern electrification trend followed by most automakers. Though the British manufacturer of niche luxury sports cars plans to launch its first electric vehicle before 2026, its mid-engine program will remain non-electric. Today this program includes the Valkyrie, both coupe and roadster, and the upcoming Valhalla.

Aston Martin CEO Tobias Moers believes that internal combustion is the core of the character of a mid-engine supercar and it cannot be electric, unlike front-engine sports cars and SUVs, Carbuzz reports.

In his opinion, electrification is not the only future for motoring, and synthetic fuels can be a good alternative for high-end sports cars. However, Moers does not exclude hybridization.

We’ve heard about synthetic fuels before. In particular, Porsche has its own program to develop synthetic fuels in-house, and Bentley considers using synthetic fuels too. Synthetic fuels are not still allowed by governments to use in internal combustion engines, but it’s a matter of time.

As for Aston Martin, the company wants to leverage synthetic fuel developed by its technical partner –  Saudi Arabian Aramco.

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