Aston Martin Confirms It Will Abandon a Manual Transmission

Following many other car manufacturers, Aston Martin has decided to give up a manual gearbox in its cars. It seems the current Vantage is the brand’s last model with a stick shift.

During the latest interview Aston Martin’s chief executive officer Tobias Moers, who was a boss of Mercedes-AMG before, confirmed they would phase out the manual transmission of the Vantage lineup for the 2022 facelift.

The company previously planned to keep MT for its sports car. After some assessments, Aston Martin has concluded the manual gearbox makes no sense in modern conditions, especially given the fact that buyers largely prefer automatics.

Today’s vehicles should be compliant with new emission regulations getting stricter from year to year. In the case of manual cars, this compliance is not easy to achieve.

We have to admit that everything has its time. The era of manual transmissions is running out.

The 2021 Aston Martin Vantage still offers a manual option, but the 2022 model will not.

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