April Fool’s Joke About the Ford F-150 Convertible Much Excited the Internet

A day of laughter and humor cannot leave the news outlets aside. Automotive media is no exception.

The American website Ford Authority seriously excited the Google search announcing the debut of a drop-top version of the super-popular Ford F-150 pickup truck this Christmas.

Journalists not only published an image of the 2022 Ford F-150 convertible but also talked about its design features, engine, and other technical details. Moreover, even the CEO of Ford Tim Barley “gave” an assessment of the new product.

With a sense of humor, the Ford Authority is really in order. Furthermore, it turns out that “the delay in the production of the Ford Bronco modular hardtop in 2021 was entirely due to production ramp-up of the equivalent top for the F-150 convertible.”

As a result, an Internet request on the topic “Ford F-150 Convertible” instantly became super popular, although it is rather difficult to imagine such a pickup in mass production.

In fairness, it should be noted that the journalists quite honestly admitted in the same article that the publication about the F-150 convertible is only part of the April Fools’ content.

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