Apple Is in Early-Stage Talks with Two China’s Battery Makers about an EV

Apple Is in Early-Stage Talks with Two China's Battery Makers about an EV_photo

Apple continues seeking potential partners in developing its self-driving vehicle.

News saying Apple is in talks with some companies periodically appears and disappears. This time, we’ve known thanks to Reuters that the technology giant is negotiating with China’s CATL and BYD battery suppliers. it is currently unclear if they came to an agreement or not, and whether they will ever come.

Apple previously considered if it could use its own breakthrough battery technology. Earlier reports said the company targeted the year 2024 for the manufacture of its passenger vehicle.

Meanwhile, it has been developing self-driving technology. Apple is in favor of using lithium iron phosphate batteries because they are cheaper to produce.

As a condition for collaboration with CATL and BYD, Apply wants them to build facilities in the USA for battery production. No comments or confirmations have come so far from the parties.

It’s a good time now for battery makers to ramp up production, as global demand for EV batteries has been soaring. Both CATL and BYD will obviously continue their expansion. Whether they become partners of Apple, we’ll find out later.

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