An Apple Gadget Learned to Block Vehicles

The users of iPad Pro and Apple Pencil 2 stylus recently faced a strange problem: they were not able to start their vehicles as their car keys conflicted with the Apple charging device. Apple has made its recommendations on the issue.

Car keys may be useless due to operating frequency of the Apple Pencil wireless charging.

Some drivers complained they were not able to start their vehicles after a regular update of Apple software. When they got into the car and put Apple Pencil 2 stylus on charge, the car key did’t work and and the doors locked.

Latter it turned out the problem was due to interference in signals between the devices. It happens only when Apple Pencil 2 is charged from iPad.

Apple knows about this situation and advises the owners of iPad Pro and the stylus not to charge the pencil inside the vehicle and try to keep it away from the key fob.

Apple Pencil

According to Apple’s technical documentation, the Apple Pencil 2 wireless inductive charging operates at 900MHz, which is much higher than 315MHz frequency of the key fobs of American cars and 434MHz of key fobs used in European and Asian vehicles.

Some kind of malfunction likely occurs during charging: the devices start clashing, eventually blocking ignition.

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