America’s Car Legends: What Are They?

Chevrolet Bel Air Sport Coupe image

Let’s make an excursion into the history of the US automotive industry and remember America’s car legends.

The American automobile industry is not only about muscle cars. After World War II, it developed so rapidly that unique cars appeared every year. What are they, the classic cars that left a mark on history?

Chevrolet Bel Air Sport Coupe

A car with a 5-meter (197″) body, a 4.3-liter 165-hp engine, RWD, and a two-speed automatic transmission was produced for 25 years, beginning in 1950. On average, the model consumed 9.4 mpg (25 l/100 km), but at that time, fuel efficiency and eco-friendliness were not priorities.

Ford F-250 Camper Special

A workhorse of farmers in the late 1960s with a huge body and good (at that time) carrying capacity.

The vehicle was voracious and consumed up to 11.8 mpg (20 l/100 km) due to a 5.8-liter V engine, heavyweight, and an automatic transmission on the steering wheel. The top speed it gained was 102.5 mph (165 km/h).

Ford F-250 Camper Special image
Ford F-250 Camper Special

Chrysler PT Cruiser

A unique vehicle with a specific body design and a memorable front was in great demand in America. Today, it is valuable to collectors around the world.

During the production period, the hatchback was equipped with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine and a five-speed manual gearbox and accelerated from 0 to 62 mph in 9.7 seconds.

Chrysler PT Cruiser picture
Chrysler PT Cruiser

Dodge Charger

It is one of the most beautiful and significant muscle cars in the industry, a favorite of Hollywood directors and Texas millionaires. Non-standard appearance, a huge hood, opening headlights, and a powerful engine made this car popular in the mid-60s.

The 6.2-liter engine produced 330 horsepower and could consume 7.8 mpg (30 l/100 km) in the city. The vehicle accelerated from 0 to 62 mph in just 7.3 seconds.

Dodge Charger image
Dodge Charger

Cadillac Brougham

A fashionable and stylish vehicle with a design from the 1970s went on sale in the 90s. Its memorable interior was made using red leather and soft upholstery.

Additional wooden inserts created a certain comfort while driving, and a large rear leather sofa made it possible to comfortably accommodate three adults. The model was powered by a 5.0-liter engine 173-hp engine.

Cadillac Brougham image
Cadillac Brougham

Chevrolet Camaro Z28 Indy 500 Pace Car

A special version of the Camaro was designed specifically for racing. It differed from the regular production car by reduced weight, a new powertrain, upgraded suspension, and transmission.

The model was equipped with a 5.0-liter engine with 167 horsepower. It provided smooth 0-62 mph acceleration within 9.4 seconds. The vehicle is now rarely met on sale, but in the 1990s, many Americans were willing to pay much for it.

Chevrolet Camaro Z28 Indy Pace Car photo
Chevrolet Camaro Z28 Indy Pace Car

Winnebago Brave

A vehicle is straight out of the 1970s. At that time, it was customary to travel a lot around the country and stop during weekends at special parking lots. Therefore, mobile homes were extremely popular in the USA.

The Winnebago Brave had its own bathroom with a toilet, a gas stove, a water supply system, a large refrigerator, a folding bed, and a real living room. 2-3 people could easily fit inside.

There was a 150-liter freshwater tank and an 80-liter wastewater tank. Thus, an American family could travel thousands of miles from their home without any problem.

Winnebago Brave picture
Winnebago Brave

Ford Mustang GT 390 Fastback

The Mustang is another muscle car on the list that deserves attention. In fact, this Ford model belongs to pony cars, that is, not as powerful and large as similar cars of the 70s.

It was this fact that made the Mustang popular among US residents. The car was often chosen by young people for daily trips. The model has an extremely interesting exterior and an excellent interior.

The GT 390 Fastback was one of the most powerful in the lineup and came with a 6.4-liter 320-hp engine. The top speed was 200 km/h, and acceleration from zero to 62 mph took up to 7.5 seconds.

Ford Mustang GT 390 Fastback photo
Ford Mustang GT 390 Fastback

Oldsmobile Cutlass Cruiser

A classic family station wagon with a unique trunk design appeared in the mid-70s and appealed to many Americans.

With the seats folded down, the owner got a flat platform of 83.6 cu ft or 2,367 liters. 2 people in a horizontal position or a set of children’s things, strollers, bicycles, etc. could easily fit here.

Oldsmobile Cutlass Cruiser image
Oldsmobile Cutlass Cruiser

Ford Hot Rod

The Hot Rod is not for everyone and for everyday driving. Only wealthy Americans could afford it for collections or exhibitions. Also, the car often appeared in movies, TV shows, and commercial advertising.

The compact car was equipped with a 7.0-liter 360-hp engine with a fuel economy of 11.8 mpg or 20 l/100 km.

1932 Ford Hot Rod
Ford Hot Rod

Upper photo: Chevrolet Bel Air Sport Coupe

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