Americans Made Battery For EVs With Fastest Charging In The World

The US startup Atlis Motor Vehicles has achieved its first impressive results. It managed to develop and test a lithium-ion battery prototype able to fully charge (100%) in just 12 minutes and 35 seconds.

The startup was found in 2016 to develop an all-electric pickup codenamed XT.

True, this battery prototype is a small-capacity one – just 3 kWh. But the developers assure that it can be easily increased. To date, it demonstrates the ability for fastest charging in the world.

The battery has been created specifically for all-electric XT pickups. Such a vehicle exists only like a concept sketch, but looks quite bright.

The Atlis XT four-wheel drive electric pickup truck will be equipped with four independent traction electric motors – one for each wheel. It is expected to tow trailers and caravans weighing up to 13,600 kg.

The vehicle will be able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in less than 5 seconds (empty), and gain a top speed of 192 km/h.

It will be available with three options of battery capacity: for 480 km, 640 km and 800 km driving range. For full recharge you’ll need less than 15 minutes.

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