American Experts Called TOP 10 Countries – Contributors To Electric Mobility

The fifth annual ‘TOP 10 Countries in the Global EV Revolution’ ranking has been recently published by InsideEVs. The results are based on the market analysis for 2018. We are surprised with some countries getting on the list.

Each country got its total score, which is multi-sided and comprises several factors, in particular, such as the level of demand, the number of electric cars purchased in a country and the rate of growth of this number.

Well, see below the TOP 10 list of the countries with, so to say, the most significant growth of popularity of electric vehicles:

  1. China (78 points);
  2. Norway (56 points);
  3. USA (53 points);
  4. South Korea (50 points);
  5. Sweden (49 points);
  6. Netherlands (45 points);
  7. United Kingdom (44 points);
  8. Iceland (43.5 points);
  9. Japan (43 points);
  10. Ukraine / Germany (40 points).

China is the world’s electric mobility leader and the country with over a million EVs sold in one year, so we are not surprised, why it topped the list. Norway, the European EV market leader, is predictably at the top of the list too.

The Nissan Leaf helped Ukraine enter TOP 10 Countries in the Global EV Revolution

Strange enough, but France is off the standings for the first time with just 39 points. The 3rd place of the USA has become possible thanks to Californians (7.8% EV share and Tesla’s production numbers).

Surprisingly, Germany shares the 10th position with Ukraine. The latter, being a low-medium income country, could enter the TOP 10 list thanks to the steady demand for used Nissan Leafs.

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