Experts Calculated Kia Niro’s Real Fuel Consumption

Kia Niro image

Journalists of the American Green Car Reports spend a few days with the Kia Niro model. The carmaker calls it a crossover, although with such ground clearance and lack of all-wheel drive it’s more like a hatchback. The vehicle’s fuel consumption in real conditions was measured too.

The experts drove a little less than 900 km in total. The test drive was made on the highway at a temperature of -11°C. to +12°C. Thus, it was clear the mileage would be slightly lower than in warmer weather.

At cold temperatures, fuel consumption in hybrids grows by 0.4-0.5 liters per 100 km. The fuel consumption of the tested Kia Niro (Touring version) with a 140-hp hybrid powertrain is 5.1-5.9 liters according to the manual.

The average fuel consumption for 877 km covered was 6.6 liters according to the data on the dashboard’s display. The Niro proved to be really more economical than most similar-sized vehicles. However, at high speeds in urban and suburban conditions, the battery drained fast.

The standard “Eco” mode was selected for the test. There is also a faster “Sport” mode, which supports the motor and uses the hybrid system more to impart an additional impulse to the engine.

The interior rear space is not large, but the trunk is rather roomy, despite the relatively high cargo floor. Experts noted good noise insulation.

The Niro is one of the best-controlled hybrid vehicles. It has an electric-driven driver’s seat, heated front seats, and a steering wheel, which is good on the coldest days. “Driver only” button for heating and cooling helps save energy. It directs hot or cold air only to the driver.

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