All Tesla Cars Will Have A Party & Camper Mode

All Tesla Cars Will Have A Party & Camper Mode

All Tesla cars will have a party & camper mode, as Elon Musk informed in his Twitter. This is a special mode of the electric powertrain work.

It allows maintaining necessary temperature and air circulation, as well as powering the multimedia system in a parked car for at least 48 hours.

The camper mode is already available in the Tesla Model S (pictured).

Typically, a parked car, in which the mode is not activated, maintains the climate control system for 30 minutes. While activated, heating, ventilation and air circulation in the cabin work as long as someone is in the car.

Unlike the camper mode, the new algorithm of the electrical system will support the work of not only the air conditioning system, but also audio and lighting.

In addition to the new options, Tesla is preparing to update the Model S and Model X’s interiors. According to preliminary information, they will lead to a single, minimalistic style with a horizontally located central display and an innovative ventilation and heating system with a single deflector.

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