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All-new Volvo V60 Cross Country Сan Already Be Ordered In The USA

The 2020 Volvo V60 Cross Country turned out to be $600 cheaper than its main rival Audi A4 allroad.

The new 2020 Volvo V60 Cross Country is priced from $45,100 in the USA and is available in one configuration (Adventure), only with all-wheel drive and a single T5 engine of 250 hp.

The standard front-wheel-drive Volvo V60 wagon will cost from $39,895, and from $44,395 with AWD.

The new-generation Volvo S60 sedan produced in the USA costs from $35,800, and the Volvo XC60 crossover – from $39,800.

Volvo V60 CC’s main competitors in the U.S.

If we talk about luxury brands, then, in general, the Audi A4 allroad is the only direct competitor to the V60 Cross Country. Rivalry takes place worldwide, not only in the car US market.

In the USA, a German station wagon will cost from $45,700, that is only $600 more expensive than the V60 Cross Country. The A4 allroad is equipped with a 248 hp engine. Four-wheel drive is standard.

The Subaru Outback can be compared with the Volvo V60 CC only conditionally, since they are the vehicles of different price categories. The Outback will be much cheaper – from $26,345, but with all due respect, Subaru is not a luxury brand.

The recently unveiled 2020 Volkswagen Passat Alltrack is not for sale in America. The Volkswagen Golf Alltrack is available to US customers ($26,895), but it is smaller than the V60 CC and belongs to the mass segment.

Evaluations and prospects

What are the chances of the new V60 Cross Country on the US car market? Good enough, we believe.

According to Edmunds experts, the new Swedish wagon will be able to compete with crossovers, and its clearance is higher than that of other station wagons. The advantage of the V60 CC is a truly comfortable cabin. Its exterior design is also fine.

The previous V60 Cross Country was not particularly popular, though its sales are stable enough. The problem is not so much in the model as in the features of all off-road wagons, which are specific vehicles for amateurs.

They are a certain compromise between controllability of passenger cars and practicality of crossovers. Compromise, as you know, will never fully satisfy both parties.

At the moment, the most popular Volvo model in the United States is the large Volvo XC90 SUV.

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