All-New Nissan Z Suffers Enormous Markups

Nissan Z 2023

The all-new Nissan Z is a great car, but dealer markups for the model are frustrating.

U.S. dealer markups for the 2023 Nissan Z vary around $30-60K around the country, as Carscoops has found out, and this is too much even for such an outstanding model. The price of Nissan Z at some retailers is well over $100,000.

If we look at the base price on Nissan’s official website, it is very far from what dealers are asking for: $39,990 before taxes, options, a destination charge, and other fees. No wonder the Nissan Z online groups and forums are disappointed with the situation.

Dealers blame the fact that there are few Nissan Zs available, and therefore they are expensive. Apparently, they rely on the fact that fans of this car will buy it anyway for any money, but such a policy harms the image of Nissan.

Should I Buy a Nissan Z?

Yes, if you are a longtime fan of the model and willing to turn a blind eye to the high price. If you want to have a 2-seater sports car, the Z merits your consideration, especially given the fact the carmaker vastly improved it.

The 2023 Nissan Z is better than never. The advantages include a powerful 400-hp engine, a comfy ride, deft handling, and a high-quality modern interior. Some rivals are more engaging to drive and offer larger cargo hold, but that doesn’t make the car any less appealing.

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