All-Electric Volvo EX90 Will Be Unveiled on November 9

Volvo EX90 in a concept form

The upcoming all-new, fully electric Volvo EX90 7-seater SUV embodies simplicity, well-being and natural sources.   

Volvo, one of the ‘greenest’ auto companies in the world, prepares to introduce its new product – the EX90. It will debut on November 9, 2022.

Luxurous and Sustainable Interior

Inside, Volvo uses a progressive material named “Nordico” – textile made of recycled PET bottles and certified wood from responsibly-managed forests in Sweden and Finland. Wood panels around the cabin are back-lit with warm light to create a Scandinavian living room atmosphere.

The model offers an option of a wool blend seat fabric certified according to strict sustainability. Even carpets embrace the concept of circularity, as they partly consist of regenerated polyamide.

All-Electric Volvo EX90 SUV uses sustainable materials:
Volvo EX90 uses sustainable materials: wood

For the EX90, Volvo offers 7 diferent room choices whose interior decor and upholstery match exterior colors.

Volvo EX90 uses sustainable materials inside
Volvo EX90 uses sustainable materialsL fabric

A Powerbank for Homes

A peculiarity of this flagship model is its bi-directional charging capability. The EX90’s battery pack is able to power a home, appliances, other electric devices, and ultimately other compatible Volvo cars.

The bi-directional charging system can supply energy to an EV and receive energy from it at any time. In fact, high-capacity in-vehicle batteries are used both for powering cars and as backup batteries for the electrical network. This may come in handy during a power outage.

Volvo Cars' Bi-directional Charging
Bi-Directional Charging

Radar System

Sensors integrated in the trunk, overhead console, and roof-mounted reading lamps detect all, even subtle, movements in the cabin.

Every time an owner tries to lock the car, the interior radar system activates and does not allow locking if somebody stays inside.

The vehicle remains unlocked and displays a reminder on the centre console screen to check the cabin for occupants. Moreover, the climate system remains active if people or pets are detected.

Source: Volvo

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