All-Electric Jeep Wrangler Will Be Unveiled This Spring

All-Electric Jeep Wrangler Will Be Unveiled This Spring

A concept of the battery-powered Jeep Wrangler debuts as part of the Easter Jeep Safari event in early April.

A production-ready version will follow then: it assumedly goes on sale in late 2021 or early 2022.

With the latest video teaser, Jeep shows that this new spinoff will remain a true Jeep in terms of its appearance, despite a different all-electric powertrain it offers.

Jeep already has a plug-in-hybrid Wrangler 4xe in its portfolio. It’s quite logical that now there is a turn for the pure electric modification, which, we believe, should retain the outstanding capabilities the model is famous for.

A  diagram of the Jeep Wrangler EV reveals the vehicle underpinnings: a single electric motor (probably, with a two-speed transfer case), 3-4 battery modules, a body-on-frame structure, blue tow hooks in front.

Expect this version’s lighting setup will differ from the standard Jeep Wrangler’s.

Power output(s), battery size(s), driving range(s) figures are unknown now, the details will be coming later – in spring.

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