Acura Kills the RLX Sedan in North America after 2020 Model Year

The Acura RLX luxury sedan is being axed from the brand’s lineup after the 2020 model year.

It will be continued in other markets under the Honda Legend name.

Some other automakers, like Ford in America or Renault in Europe, for example, also get rid of their slow-sellers. Exclusive of SUVs and pickups, Ford leaves only the Mustang and the Focus Active in the U.S. lineup, ands kills the rest.

The French manufacturer is now considering discontinuation of the Espace and Scenic minivans, plus the Talisman sedan to cut costs. The future of the Renault Megan is questionable too.

Acura has two volume sellers today for North American purchasers, and both are SUVs – RDX and MDX. In 2019, the Acura RDX was the best-selling car with 62,876 units sold. The sales of the RDX and the MDX together achieved 115,000 units.

As for the Acura RLX sedan, it cannot boast of popularity. It got significant updates in 2018, but only 1,931 units were sold that year. Buyers were not impressed with its design and equipment.

Well, the RLX is leaving the U.S. market, but the ILX and TLX sedans stay. They are not going to give up yet.  

Source: Automotive News

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