Active Sound Generator Makes Tesla Cars Go Vroom

For those who want their Tesla car to sound like a gasoline-fueled vehicle, a special kit is available.

This kit from the Militek company is called “Active Sound Generator Retro-Fit”, and can be used by owners of the Model 3, Y, S and X, including the Performance versions.

Well, a noisy electric car is something unusual. The active sound generator, which costs as much as $2,104 in the USA, by the way, is for eccentric drivers wishing to have an eco-friendly vehicle that roars.

The Active Sound Generator will make a Tesla go vroom, offers 10 selectable sound files and a range of configurable settings. Militek provides an app to control the sound and the volume level.

Watch a video from a guy who install a Milltek Exhaust on his Tesla Model 3:

In addition, Militek has posted a YouTube video about the Active Sound Version 2:

Source: InsideEVs

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