ACEA Reveals the Fresh Statistics of Europe’s Car Sales

ACEA Reveals the Fresh Statistics of Europe’s Car Sales

Passenger car sales in Europe have grown for the third consecutive month this year. Almost 5 percent increase is revealed in November.

Last month, demand grew on 4 of 5 major Europe’s markets: Germany (+9.7%), Spain (+2.3%), Italy (+2.2%), France (+0.7%), and continued declining in the United Kingdom (-1.3%).

From January to November 2019, only Germany from this big five showed sales increase (+3.9%), the rest dropped, Spain more than others (-5.7%).

European (EU + EFTA) sales totaled 1,210,860 units in November and 14,542,126 units for 11 months.

The largest number of sales was observed in Germany: 299,127 units last month, 3,323,878 units Jan-Nov 2019.

The fewest sales were in Island: 642 cars November, 11,130 cars 11 months. This country demonstrates the most decline in 2019: -36.3% 19/18, while Lithuania is the country where sales for 11 months grew the most: +44%.

Romania can boast the largest sales increase of all in November: +57.7%.

Among the brands, in November the leading trio was Volkswagen (149,192 units), Renault (79,822 units) and Mercedes (76,003 units).

By the results of Jan-Nov 2019, Peugeot took the 3rd place with 892,830 sales, following Volkswagen (1,634,784 units) and Renault (967,384 units).

Source: ACEA / European Automobile Manufacturers Association

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