A Small and Cheap Tesla Around $30K Comes Soon

Tesla Model 2 Is Coming

A small and cheap Tesla below the Model 3 and Model Y could “arrive anytime soon”.

Elon Musk announces the imminent arrival of a “next-generation vehicle” on a new platform that will be smaller and significantly more affordable than the current Model 3 and Y strong-sellers. Tesla boss has given no specific timeline, just promised it will happen soon.

The mentioned platform is the priority for Tesla’s development team now, Musk informed during the Q3 earnings call.

We’ve already heard about the smaller and cheaper Tesla before, a conditional “Model 2”. The company’s CEO believes the new product will exceed the production and outsell all other vehicles of the brand combined. Sounds optimistic, but how will it actually be…

As for the cost, given the Model 3 is nearly $50K, the starting price of the Model 2 could be enticing – around $30,000.

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