A New Ram Midsize Pickup Is Underway: What It Will Be

Ram 1500 image

The Ram brand intends to enter the midsize truck segment with a new vehicle smaller than the Ram 1500.

A new Ram midsize pickup in a concept form will be introduced in March 2023, Carbuzz informs referring to Automotive News.

The manufacturer wants to show it to dealers to see how they’ll react. Currently, there is good demand for small and midsize pickup trucks, and the company wants to take advantage of this.

At the same time, such successful pickups as the Hyundai Santa Cruz and the Ford Maverick raised the bar high and it will not be easy to compete with them.

The new Ram midsize pickup should not just be a smaller counterpart of the Ram 1500 but offer something special.

For the new product, Ram could use the same or upgraded platform that the Jeep Gladiator sits on, or borrow the platform from the Fiat Fullback/Mitsubishi Triton/Ram 1200 – those are three names of essentially the same vehicle.

A new Ram 1200 for the South American market is now under development. Ram will build it in Brazil. The truck will be available with Tigershark, Multijet, and hybrid engine options.

If Ram’s new midsizer is based on the 1200, the company will have to improve the model for more demanding markets that need more refined products, like the USA for example.

There is still a small chance that the manufacturer will take the Fiat Toro midsize truck (sold in Latin America) as a basis for its new pickup. But the Toro’s unibody structure does not go well with Ram famous as a maker of ‘true’ trucks.

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