A New Member of Jeep Family: 3-Row Jeep Commander SUV

2022 Jeep Compass US-version image

The Jeep Commander name has been officially confirmed for a new seven-seater. It is an “elder brother” of the Jeep Compass.

Jeep added new promising members to its portfolio of late: the Grand Cherokee L, the Wagoneer, and Grand Wagoneer. An extended-wheelbase Grand Wagoneer for North America is on the way as well, at least some rumors say so.

But Jeep does not stop here. News has come from Stallanti (the Jeep brand owner): the company is working on a crossover for seven occupants. It is designed for the large market of Latin America.

The new product will debut soon and receive a familiar name – Commander. The same-name midsize SUV with the rear-wheel-drive was on sale in the USA in 2005-2010. China has its own versions with front-wheel drive – 5-seater Jeep Commander and 7-seater Grand Commander (in the photo)

The South-American Commander is an enlarged Jeep Compass, to a certain extent, but with one more row of seats, stretched wheelbase, a boxier body, and a roomier cabin. By its appearance, it will differ from the Chinese namesake.

It remains to add that the upcoming vehicle rides on FCA’s Small Wide platform and will be offered in two drive options – front-wheel or all-wheel drive.

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