A New Hot Acura MDX Type S Spied During Testing

A New Hot Acura MDX Type S Spied During Testing

Acura readies to launch a hot MDX. A prototype has been spied during road tests.

Today Acura is not a brand associated with performance, but with the new TLX and MDX, the brand is going to return to its sporty roots. It’ll be all the more interesting to look what Acura offers in the hot SUV segment.

The MDX traditionally shares a platform, engines, technologies with the TLX. The all-new performance Acura TLX Type S recently debuted. It represents a new era of the brand.

Expect the new MDX Type S will receive the same rigid body structure, exclusive platform, double-wishbone sports suspension, base 272-hp four-cylinder turbocharged engine, as well as a turbo-six with assumedly 400 hp.

The spy video gives a first glimpse at the upcoming hot MDX, though the heavy camouflage hides a lot we’d like to look at.

Nonetheless, the quad exhaust tips are visible. Could there be a more eloquent hint?  


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