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A More Extreme Audi RS6 Avant Lands in 2024

The Audi Sport division’s boss Sebastian Grams has announced the release of a “more extreme” Audi RS6 Avant. What will it be?

Audi goes on to extremize its most successful performance models before going pure electric. The manufacturer is preparing a more hardcore, V8-powered version of the Audi RS6 that will surpass in power a last year’s debutante – the range-topping RS6 Performance with a 4.0-liter V8. The model in the pipeline is promised to produce more than 621 horsepower of the RS6 Performance, according to Autocar.

In addition to a higher-performance transmission, the extreme RS6 Avant will receive a revised chassis setup, an optimized body with improved aerodynamics, as well as newly-tuned steering and electronics. Audi intends to show the new product to the public in 2024.

The mentioned Audi RS6 Performance delivers 621 horsepower and 627 pound-feet (850 Nm) of torque, achieves a top speed of 190 mph (305 km/h), and accelerates from a standstill to 62 mpg (100 km/h) in 3.4 seconds.

Have you known that

  • Today the fastest Audi is the R8 Performance Quattro: it gains a top speed of 205 mph and needs 3.1 seconds to speed up to 60 mph
  • An iteration of the RS6 Avant tuned by ABT could produce a staggering 1,000 horsepower and 885 pound-feet of torque

Audi’s current RS line for America includes RS3, RS5 Coupe and Sportback, RS6 Avant, RS7, RS Q8, and RS e-tron GT.

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