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A Handy Clutch Kit for Your High-Performance Car

What comes in a handy clutch kit depends on what the car needs and whether you wish to change your gears.

A clutch enables drivers to switch from one gear to another without any difficulty and the process is also smooth if the clutch kits you tend to use are in good condition. When you modify your clutch, you not only bring smoothness in switching gears but also repair an essential mechanic of your car’s system.

Clutch kits depend on various things, the minimum that can be included in a kit is a pressure plate and a clutch disc. Your car needs changes and those changes determine the kind of kit you need to install. The major things that a kit needs to include are the pressure plate, clutch plate, or release bearings, these are sold together at an affordable price. Some of the things that you must include in your kit are as follows. 

Clutch Disc or Clutch Plate

It is one of the major components of the clutch system situated between the flywheel and the pressure plate. The role of the pressure plate is to work as a clamp and hold the plate tightly. The sides of the disc have surfaces generating friction which is the reason these discs are termed friction discs as well. Power can be transferred from engine to transmission and the other way around with these devices and they have asbestos-lined surfaces to provide frictional support to the vehicles. 

Throwout Bearing

Also known by the name clutch release bearing is a component connecting the pressure plate and the clutch. If the clutch is depressed, the throwout bearing separates the flywheel and the pressure plate to disengage the driveline from the engine. However, with the release of the clutch pedal, the bearing allows the plates or discs to come back to their original work and in turn pushes the disc against the flywheel. In worst cases, these bearings wear out and make shrieking sounds while it is made to work. 

Pressure Plate

This place is metallic and the springs they have serves as a very essential feature of the clutch’s pressure plate as it gyrates along with the flywheel. When the clutch is in use, the spring helps the plate to hold the disc strongly against the flywheel. The pressure plate is assembled including several parts such as the diaphragm spring, clutch cover, and the plate itself. The spring is put inside the cover and it controls the entire pressure plate of the clutch system. In this manner, it holds the clutch assembly as an opponent to the flywheel by inserting pressure on the plate.  

Final Words

A car needs some maintenance and clutch kits are one of the most important mechanics of the vehicle that has to be modified to ensure smoothness between the gear system. Clutches perform various functions and a handy clutch kit is a need for your vehicle, so try to get in the perfect clutch kit for you to improve your car’s performance. 

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