A Chinese Debut at the IAA Frankfurt 2019: Meet the Byton M-Byte EV

Byton, a Chinese all-electric brand, is presenting its first production-ready model these days at the auto show in Frankfurt.

Byton calls its creature a ‘Premium Smart Electric SUV’. It was previewed by a concept car in 2018 at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. As reported, over 50,000 reservations have been already made worldwide.

Europeans will be able to pre-order a car next year. Deliveries to customers in China will start by mid-2020, while in Europe the model goes on sale most likely in 2021. Expect the pricing over €45,000 excluding local taxes and government subsidies.

The manufacture believes the Byton M-Byte SUV will be a rival to the Jaguar I-Pace or the Audi e-tron.

What are its distinctive features?

Its power outputs are 272 hp (200 kW) or 408 hp (300 kW) depending on a drive option (rear- or four-wheel one).  

The rear-wheel-drive modification accelerates to 62 mph in 7.5 seconds, while the vehicle with 4WD makes it a couple of seconds faster. The top speed is 118 mph (190 km/h).

Three versions will be on offer. The first is an RWD model with a 71-kWh battery that enables a driving range of 224 miles (360.5 km) WLTP-rated. The second is the most efficient one with rear-wheel drive too, but with a larger 95-kWh battery (286 mi / 460 km of range).

The range-topping 95-kWh four-wheel-drive version can boast 270 miles (434.5 km) on a single charge.

Charging to 80% will take 35 min from a 100kW charger, which is standard for the model.

The unique interior features a 48-inch curved screen taking the place of any usual dashboard. The steering wheel hub also accommodates a screen.

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