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Aston Martin Develops its Own Alternative for Mercedes-AMG V8 Engine

Aston Martin will replace AMG’s V8 it currently uses in the Vantage, DB11, DBX supercars.

Mercedes-AMG is phasing out its eight-cylinder, therefore the British carmaker has to think of a replacement.

A four-cylinder engine could be hardly imagined in a supercar. So, this is about the development of a six-cylinder unit, according to Aston Martin’s CEO interview with Car and Driver.

A new, electrified three-cylinder V6 engine would be a decision, but it needs to be effective enough to serve as a good alternative to the V8 and deliver the brand-specific performance.

Aston Martin is not experienced in building V6 engines, but believes to succeed. The key thing will be to make the engine sound like a true Aston. Hybridization will help compensate for the cylinder size with the electrical assistance.

The V8 in the Aston Martin DB11

Aston Martin continues making V12 engines over the next few years with the focus on eco-friendliness. The company will produce its V12 and the new V6 in Great Britain.

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