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Seven Main Reasons For Buying Ford Mondeo: Opinion Of Journalists

Experts of the magazine What Car? called seven main reasons for buying the Ford Mondeo (named Fusion in both Americas) . In their opinion, the growth in demand for crossovers does not mean the previous owners of this model should change their car to a SUV or a sedan of another brand.

Reliability. Spare parts for the model are relatively cheap. The brand has a wide dealer network. The engines now offered were well tested on the previous-generation model and other Ford cars.

Operating costs. The Mondeo is good for long-term ownership due to its higher residual value. Especially, its diesel versions. Ford dealers often offer discounts.

Comfortable controllability. Compared to the same-class models, the Mondeo has really smoother driving and runs well on any surface.

The driver’s seat and interior front space. The driver’s seat is adjustable in many directions, not like in the Volkswagen Passat, but at least, there are electronic adjustments for height and lumbar support. The Mondeo’s front space is its strong point compared to rivals.

Safety. The model has a list of active safety systems, in particular, emergency automatic braking. It gained the Euro NCAP’s maximum 5 Stars.

Trunk’s space. The Mondeo have a large trunk, folding rear seats, like a hatchback or wagon. Luggage bags, hooks and lugs for tightening are provided too for convenience and practicality.

Soundproofing.  Noise and vibration are not felt at all in the version with a 1.5-liter petrol engine. However, even at high speed or in the more powerful Mondeo their level is quite low.

Photo: 2019 Ford Fusion

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