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5 Safest and 5 Most Dangerous Cars on the Road in 2022

In this publication, we’d like to draw attention to car models which are recognized as the safest and the most dangerous ones met on the roads in 2022.

The TOP 5 rankings are based on the data provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

The list of the safest cars includes the models with the highest safety scores. The scores are determined by taking into account crash test results and the number of collision-avoidance features a vehicle has.

The list of the most dangerous cars includes those with the largest number of fatal road accidents recorded.

Here they are:

Pos.TOP 5 safest vehiclesOverall safety score
1Honda Accord  8.9/10
2Honda Civic8.7/10
3Mazda3, Genesis G908.6/10
4BMW 5 Series, Genesis G80, Toyota Camry8.5/10
5Honda Insight8.4/10

As we can see, our TOP 5 in fact includes 8 vehicles, as the 3rd and 4th places are divided between similarly scored models of different classes.

Pos.TOP 5 most dangerous vehiclesTotal fatal crashes
1Ford F-Series10,845
2Chevrolet Silverado7,718
3Ram pickup (all models)5,897
4Honda Accord5,079
5Toyota Camry4,734

The latter ranking is based strictly on figures and does not testify the mentioned vehicles are unsafe. Otherwise, how could the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry be on both lists? Furthermore, all five ‘most dangerous vehicles’ are best-sellers.

So, it is not surprising we can meet a large number of them on the roads, and they’ve been included in the statistics of fatal crashes.

This ranking is rather about the carelessness of some drivers than about vehicle safety.

Source: Dordulian Law Group

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