4,140 Americans Became Owners of Ford Maverick in October

2022 Ford Maverick image

The smallest and most affordable Ford pickup truck has started well in America. In October, 4,140 people received their Mavericks, and this is a good result for the second month of sales.

American dealers began selling the Ford Maverick in the second half of September 2021. According to GoodCarBadCar.net, only 506 people bought the pickup. Then it was difficult to judge which would be the market prospects of Ford’s smallest pickup.

October is another matter. Last month, consumers got 4,140 units. This is a good start for a Ford model, not to mention competitors. Only 1,848 people bought the Hyundai Santa Cruz (main rival) in October, and its sales were even lower in the previous 2 months.

Today the talk about the success or failure of the Ford Maverick is improper. The pickup has been on the market for too little time. In addition, the main intrigue, the Maverick Hybrid, is not on sale yet. It has no all-wheel drive, however, the automaker promises low operating costs.

The hybrid Ford Maverick will go into production in December 2021 and will begin arriving at dealers in January 2022.

We can add that the Maverick’s platform-mate Ford Bronco Sport SUV had 9,201 sales in October in the USA. As for the body-on-frame Ford Bronco, 7,364 people became its owners last month: this is a record since the beginning of sales.

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