41% Of Consumers Globally Prefer an Electrified Vehicle as Their Next Car

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A recent study from EY shows a growing number of people who fain to buy electrified vehicles.

In September 2020, 30 percent of surveyed people said they would buy an electrified car (battery-electric, hybrid, or plug-in hybrid) as their next vehicle. Now, this figure is 41 percent worldwide.

Moreover, for the first time, environmental concerns top the list of reasons for considering an electric vehicle across all age groups.

The latest EY Mobility Lens Consumer Index research is based on surveys of 9,000 people across 13 countries, which are large car markets. Respondents were asked which powertrain they would prefer when purchasing their next car.  

Results/percentages vary per country, but the global result is the following:

  • Gasoline, diesel – 50%
  • BEV/PHEV/ hybrid – 41%
  • Hydrogen/fuel cell   – 2%
  • Not sure – 8%.

Interestingly, there are 28 percent adherents of electrification among U.S. respondents and 35 percent among Canadians, while the majority – 66 percent in the USA and 59 percent in Canada – still prefers internal combustion engine vehicles.

In the UK, 50 percent choose gasoline and diesel cars, and 40 percent – pure electric or hybrid/plug-in hybrid. Germans prefer gasoline and diesel – 54 percent, and 38 percent will switch to EVs.

In Australia, ICE-powered vehicles are much ahead – 75 percent. 17 percent of Australians are ready to opt for an electrified vehicle. In New Zealand, 59 percent are for ICE and 30 percent – for EV. These figures in India are 65% vs 28%, in Japan – 50% vs 42%.

The ‘green’ countries, where BEV/PHEV/hybrid cars surpass fossil fuel vehicles are Italy (63% vs 28%), Singapore (53% vs 35%), South Korea (51% vs 32%), Sweden (48% vs 42%), China (48% vs 43%).

Hydrogen/fuel cell vehicles do not exceed 5%, and it’s no wonder. Currently, there are few offerings on the market, and they are expensive. Also, there are few charging stations.

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  1. Griz Avatar

    Until electric vehicles have significantly longer range, and substantially quicker charge rates, I won’t consider buying one. Range anxiety is real. In their present state of development, EVs are not even close to being the equal of ICE vehicles’ practicality.

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