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30 New Honda EVs Arrive by 2030, Honda NSX’s Successor Inclusive

30 new Honda EVs are planned to introduce by 2030. A fully electric successor to the Honda NSX supercar and a grand tourer flagship are among them.

Honda has announced its electrification strategy today and informed which vehicles and when it will launch in the largest markets. Expect to see 30 all-new Honda EVs on the roads by the beginning of the third decade.

The most intriguing news is that the brand won’t leave the supercar segment: the Honda NSX will receive a successor with a pure electric powertrain. The current NSX, by the way, is a hybrid with a 573-hp mid-mounted V6.  

North America

Here, in 2024, Honda will launch two ‘mid to large’ electric SUVs in collaboration with General Motors: the Honda Prologue and an Acura model. Then the company will introduce a lineup of affordable electric cars in 3 years. Moreover, it will open a new plant on the continent to produce EVs.

China and Japan

10 new electric cars will hit the Chinese market by 2027. In Japan, Honda will begin with a small commercial EV and continue with several larger passenger cars including an SUV.


In 2023, an electric SUV arrives, of the same size as the Honda HR-V. The company expects that battery electric cars and fuel cell EVs will account for 40 percent of its European sales by 2030.

In addition to auto production, Honda plans to produce its own solid-state batteries. Honda EVs with such batteries should go on sale in the 2nd part of this decade.

Finally, in 2026, Honda will launch its ‘e:Architecture’ – an electric platform with Sensing autonomous driving tech of the latest generation.

Source: Autocar

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