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New 2023 Ford Ranger Underwent 770,000 Miles of Extreme Testing

Ford is preparing the new Ranger for launch this month. The fourth-generation pickup will debut on November 24th.

The brand claims that during the testing stage prototypes the 2023 Ford Ranger traveled the equivalent of 1.25 million kilometers (about 770,000 miles), half of which was driven with the maximum payload, Auto Express reports.

John Willems, Range Platform Chief Engineer says that computer simulations helped them speed up the development, and laboratory tests helped refine and test certain components, but there is no substitute for real-life testing to see how the pickup can withstand years of customer use.

Judging by Ford’s off-road images, the company strives to use the strengths of the current model and to improve the Ranger’s off-road capability. The current model already comes with optional all-wheel drive and a choice of driving modes for various surfaces such as mud, snow and sand.

Ford also says it has sought advice from its customers to make the new 2023 Ford Ranger better than the old one. The company has conducted over 5,000 interviews worldwide to gain insight into some of the day-to-day issues that can be fixed on the new model.

The fourth-generation Ranger is created as a result of collaboration between Ford and Volkswagen to share a commercial vehicle platform. By the way, the next Volkswagen Amarok will be the twin of the new Ranger. It will arrive in 2022.

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