2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness: What Is Its Trump Card?

2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness

The Subaru Outback’s new version will soon enter the US market. It has aroused the interest of not just the fans of the brand, but also of those who like traveling on unpaved roads.

As soon as Subaru announced the upcoming sales of the all-new Outback Wilderness, Google was bombarded with requests. The automaker was not stingy with information and provided all the details except the pricing and sales timeline.

Everything is more or less predictable with the price. Judging by the equipment, the Outback Wilderness will cost like the top-end Outback Touring XT – more than $ 40,000.

As for the start of sales, it’ll happen soon, since the new vehicle is fully unveiled, detailed, and awaited by the public.

One key question remains: How does the Outback Wilderness differ from the regular Outback, other than the off-road exterior accents and special interior trim?

A 2.4-liter BOXER engine, a Lineartronic CVT, and towing capacity are the same as the regular SUVs (or wagons, as some consider the Outback to be a station wagon).

What Is Its Trump Card?

The 2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness has noticeably better cross-country capability. It’s about the ground clearance, first of all, which is 9.5 inches (241 mm)! This is a full inch higher than that of the standard model.

The new bumper design not only adds stylish brutality to the Outback but also improves its off-road capability. The approach angle is increased from 18.6 to 20.0 degrees, the exit angle – from 21.7 to 23.6 degrees.

In addition, Subaru retuned the suspension to improve stability on rough terrain and enlarged the length of the shock absorbers and springs.

A redesigned rear differential increases the available torque at low revs. The standard X-MODE in the Outback Wilderness got a new feature: the vehicle automatically shifts from a controlled low speed to over 25 mph without losing power.

It is also worth noting the all-terrain tires from Yokohama. Geolandar tires on 17-inch wheels perform well on dirt and gravel roads.

The Outback in the USA is currently the 2nd most popular Subaru model after the Forester. The Outback Wilderness may well attract new customers.

Moreover, Subaru of America reported record sales in March 2021. 65,726 Americans became the owners of a new Subaru. That’s double the number in March 2020.

The most popular Subaru vehicles are the Crosstrek and the Forester crossovers. The demand for the Outback has grown by 99 percent compared to March 2020. More than 40,000 units have been sold since the beginning of the year.

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