2022 Subaru BRZ Debuts On November 18 With More  Horsepower

2022 Subaru BRZ Debuts On November 18 With More Horsepower

Subaru has announced the premiere of its rear-wheel-drive sports coupe in the second iteration.

The 2022 Subaru BRZ will be revealed in full in two weeks – on November 18, and should reach U.S. dealerships in the 2nd half of next year starting at around $30,000. The car is designed for North America, the company won’t bring it to Europe.

As for its counterpart – the Toyota 86, the manufacturer has not informed of its debut date yet.

Subaru redesigns the two-door BRZ for the first time since its introduction in 2012.

Thanks to Subaru’s teasers, we know that the upcoming sports car will have a new front end, meaning revamped headlamps and a grille, as well as new wheels, taillights, and a rear lip spoiler.

A snippet of the engine’s sound makes us think that the engine of the next Subaru BRZ will be more powerful.

We expect a version of the brand’s 2.4-liter flat four-cylinder engine, either with a turbocharger or naturally aspirated, with around 260 hp or 217 hp, respectively.

And, of course, a manual transmission would be a gift for a stick shift supporters.

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