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2021 Ford F-150: New Platform, Electrification

The bestseller of America – upcoming Ford F-150 of the 2021 model year – has been spied again.

Car and Driver reveals the latest photos a camouflaged F-150 with the evolutionary exterior: slight charges affected a grille, headlight surrounds, taillights.

As far as known, the next model will ride on a new body-on-frame platform that accommodates plug-in hybrid and electric powertrains, a V8 engine.

The first ever all-electric Ford F-150 should arrive after the Mustang Mach-E unveiled in late 2019.

There are no specs and details about the forthcoming pickup truck for the present. Last summer, Ford published an amazing video of a F-150 EV prototype towing a train with 42 F-150 trucks.

Expect the new F-150 official debut in the near future.

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