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2021 Ford Bronco’s Official Debut Takes Place On July 9

Ford has posted on Instagram “07/09/20. The Wild Returns. Built Wild”, meaning the Ford Bronco.

This will be the greatest premiere of the brand this year. Ford will make it in a virtual form. Nowadays the online format is becoming popular due to the coronavirus.

The Bronco’s arrival is being accompanied by rumors and reveals. Something is already known about the SUV, something will become known upon its unveiling.

This is a body-on-frame, rugged 4×4 vehicle in 2- and 4-door variants, with a choice of engines: gasoline EcoBoost 2.3L V4 270 hp/201 kW (310 lb-ft) and 2.7L V6 325 hp (400 lb-ft), a hybrid and a diesel V8.

Transmission options may include a 10-speed automatic and a 6-speed manual gearbox with a reduction “granny” gear.

There will be lots of configurability, in particular 10 color options, 150 accessories available at launch. The Ford Bronco will offer such notable features as a solid rear axle, an “Air Roof”, circular lamps of the SUV’s original generation.

The portfolio of the model will include special editions like an off-road Wolftrak and a high-performance Raptor.

According to reports and patent applications, the vehicle will have several removable portions of the body (doors, roof panels), some via a quick-release system.

Besides, Ford patented an innovative system that uses telescoping beams for protecton of drivers in a crash, while the doors are off.

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