2021 Ford Bronco Production Update Email Sent to Order Holders

The Ford Bronco deliveries should have begun this spring, but some issues have pushed deliveries back to summer.

Many order holders are still waiting for their scheduled-for-production emails from Ford. Lately, the manufacturer provided a 2021 Bronco production update for all order holders. The update reveals no specific details when vehicles enter production and no certainty about delivery window.

Ford mentions supply-chain hurdles and the hardtop roofs among the reasons for the delay. The carmaker explains that their production capacity doesn’t match up with the actual orders they received, and the company is investing millions to fix the roof supply issue.

For customers who have to wait, and for them not to lose their patience completely, Ford offers priority access to the Bronco Off-Roadeo…It’s hoped that the expectation intensifies the desire to own a Bronco.

2 thoughts on “2021 Ford Bronco Production Update Email Sent to Order Holders”

  1. Reserve date 7/23/21 order date 2/8/21 what estimate on build date . no emails from FMC 2 door base

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