2021 Ford Bronco Can Be Finally Configured Online

2021 Ford Bronco Can Be Finally Configured Online

The Ford Bronco’s online builder is going live today.

Those who made a reservation of this model will be able to use a configurator on Ford’s website to build their desirable Bronco adding options, and to price it out ahead of working with a local dealer of the brand in December 2020.

Ford says the demand for the revived Bronco is high: the vehicle has collected more than 190,000 deposits to date, which should turn into real orders at the end of this year.

Even if buyers place the orders in December, the deliveries will most likely start no earlier than June 2021, and some customers will even have to wait their Broncos until 2022.

As for a smaller Ford Bronco Sport, the configurator for it has become available just after the debut.

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