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2021 Chevrolet Corvette C8 Wait Time Will Last 12-18 Months

Ordering a mid-engine 2021 Chevrolet Corvette C8 today means the expectation for 12 to 18 months until it is delivered.

Chevy Dude, Chevrolet car salesman and YouTuber, disclosed this. He estimates it left around six production weeks for the 2021 Corvette C8 in 2020, given a three-week plant shutdown for Thanks Giving Day, Christmas, and New Year.

So, you’ll have to wait from one year to 1.5 years, if you place an order for a 2021 car now, and in case the manufacture starts by November 2, as General Motors assumedly plans (a final confirmation is to be announced yet).

What bring the 2021 Corvette?

Two new color options – Red Mist Metallic Tintcoar and Silver Flare, body stripes in many color variants; carbon-fiber finish for some exterior elements.

The car comes with the wireless Apple CarPlay as standard, and the optional Magnetic Selective Ride Control.

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