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2020 Subaru Legacy: First Photos With New Vertical Screen Inside

At the 2019 Chicago Auto Show which opens on February 7, Subaru will present the seventh-generation Legacy sedan. The carmaker is teasing with the first images of the 2020 model. The interior is especially interesting.

The first teasers give us an idea of how the next Subaru Legacy will look like. Its unveiling is around the corner: in a week the visitors of the automotive show in Chicago will view the car in all its beauty.

What is new?

The car’s silhouette and headlights look recognizable. The rear lights and bumpers seem to be revised, but the pictures are darkened, and our eyes can’t catch all the details. Rear-view mirrors flow smoothly into chrome edging of the side windows.

Inside, we can see a huge vertical-orientation display like on Teslas and Volvos. Leather trim will likely be available for the front panel and touchscreen on higher level version.

2020 Subaru Legacy interior

The display is divided into zones: a multimedia, touch keys to control various functions, a climate system. Emergency buttons, rear window heating, climate temperature selection and volume control will remain physical.


The gearbox selector design will change. There will be new buttons and a small extra screen above the center console with unclear purpose for the moment.

The Subaru Ascent’s gasoline 2.4-liter four-cylinder 260-hp unit will be one of the motors to power the new Legacy.

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