2020 Land Rover Defender Will Get a New Remote Control System

Owners of the new Land Rover Defender 4×4 will be able to pull it out of a pit or a marsh on distance, with the help of a remote control system.

The new 2020 Defender will have a unique technology for off-road use. It allows owners, who are outside the vehicle, to get over obstacles at low speeds with more precision than if they are inside.

The company’s engineers have even started testing the prototypes. The model’s architecture enables the use of semi-autonomous technologies like this.

Based on the existing Land Rover’s 3D Scout technology, it provides a virtual image of the vehicle from a distance. System requires a wearable Activity Key to verify if the driver is nearby and controls the car.

Land Rover still has to obtain the approval of regulatory authorities to apply this system.

Apart from the remote control system, the company considers a possibility to record trips using up to four onboard cameras and the 3D Scout system. It will need streaming to the cloud via the Defender’s EVA 2.0 electrical architecture and Online Pack.

Land Rover engineers think of how to improve reliability of off-road vehicles using opportunities the electric power gives.

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