2020 Audi SQ7 Debuted With a Torque-Rich TDI V8

Audi refreshed the SQ7. The facelift 2020 model arrives with a torque-rich V8 diesel engine.

The Audi SQ7 was the first Volkswagen Group’s model to receive a heavy 4.0-liter 8-cylinder (V8) TDI (turbo diesel injection) engine in 2016. Now it’s s time for a mid-cycle update.

The SQ7 TDI has got similar exterior and interior upgrades as the regular 2020 Audi Q7.

The model features a rugged single-frame grille with twin vertical slats making it look sportier than the standard versions. Exterior elements come in matte silver.

A black styling package to add elegance to the car is available as option. The Audi Exclusive Program enables customers to choose a unique color, like Daytona Gray, for example.

The 2020 Audi SQ7 TDI got special 20-inch wheels with larger brakes than those of the standard Q7. They come with black or red calipers. Bigger carbon ceramic ones with anthracite gray calipers are optional.

The newest Audi Virtual Cockpit provides some specific extra features created exactly for the SQ7.

The same 4.0-liter V8 TDI powers the vehicle. It delivers 429 hp and impressive 664 lb-ft (900 Nm) of torque in the new SQ7.

0-62 mph (100 km/h) acceleration takes just 4.8 seconds. The top speed is electronically limited to 155 mph (250 km/h).

European will be able to order the 2020 Audi SQ7 in the coming days. German prices start from €94,900. A 7-seat modification will cost €96,420.

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