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Audi E-Tron Wins Security Rating

British experts tested security systems of 11 new cars and rated them from the highest level to the least secure. Which 2019 models turned out to be the best and worst for car thieves?

Thatcham Research is the organization from the UK that conducts security assessments for insurers on all-new and facelifted models launched to the market. Technicians make a series of tests from ‘brute-force’ attacks on locks and access points to identifying digital vulnerabilities of modern in-car security systems.

Thus, they define if the keyless system of a certain vehicle is susceptible to such techniques as Relay Attack or On-Board Diagnostic Port.  

2020 Audi e-tron features ‘Superior” security

Relay Attack is a kind of digital kit used by criminals to exploit a vulnerability in keyless systems for them to gain access to a car and drive it off. On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) Port allows to code blank keys.

After checking eleven models which arrive in the market this year, Thatcham Research made up their own security rating, from the highest ‘Superior’ level to the lowest ‘Unacceptable’.

The Audi e-tron, Jaguar XE, Land Rover Range Rover Evoque and the Mercedes-Benz B-Class got the ‘Superior’ standing. Therefore, they are the best in terms of security.

The Kia Proceed, Lexus UX, Porsche Macan, Toyota Corolla Hybrid, Hyundai Nexo, Ford Mondeo have security features estimated as ‘Poor’.

The lovely small Suzuki Jimny has become a loser of the Thatcham Research’s security rating: experts called it ‘Unacceptable’. So, this SUV is a potential prey for thieves…

New-gen Suzuki Jimny

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