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15 Thousand Tesla Model Xs Need a Steering Check

Tesla is recalling the Model X cars because of power steering issue.

Steering can be completely lost due to corrosion and breakage of aluminum bolts on the housing. The recall concerns the 2016 Model X cars – 14,193 in the USA plus 843 in Canada – made before mid-October 2016, Car and Driver informs.

NHTSA and Transport Canada revealed the issue. The company says that if the bolts do break, the driver can continue steering, but with more force required. Tesla promises to apply “a corrosion-preventative sealer” on the vehicles used in cold climate, or to replace steering gear on the cars with broken or unremovable bolts.

We remind that this case with the Model Xs is not the first one. In 2018, the carmaker had to recall 123,000 Model S vehicles it built before April 2016 for the same reason.

Tesla officials will contact the respective owners to arrange the repair service.

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