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15 Significant Premieres Are Expected In 2019 In The World’s Car Market

The next year will be rather rich in car debuts. 15 key new models are expected in 2019 in the world car market.

The eight-generation Volkswagen Golf will premiere, slightly larger than its predecessor. Some versions will get a mild-hybrid system, and the base price of the Golf Mk8 will be about $26,000.

The global sales of the new Toyota RAV4 will start next year. The fifth generation of one of the most popular SUVs in the world is based on the carmaker’s latest platform. The new RAV4’s exterior differs much from competitors.

If to talk about the SUV segment, then the following newcomers are worth paying attention to:

  • BMW X7 (new development);
  • BMW X5 (new generation);
  • updated Mercedes-Benz GLE;
  • Infiniti QX50 (new generation);
  • Hydrogen Hyundai Nexo;
  • Lexus UX (new development);
  • Suzuki Jimny (new generation).

2019 Toyota RAV4

Among passenger cars we can highlight the new generations of Audi A3, BMW 1-Series, Volvo S60, Opel Corsa, Fiat 500, Renault Clio to debut in 2019.

2019 Volvo S60

2019 BMW X5

Of course, we have mentioned not all new and refreshed models that will go on sale next year. Our list is just the ‘cream’ from our point of you.

Upper picture: 2019 Lexus UX

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