Honda Brings the First-Ever Hybrid CR-V to Market in 2020

Honda Brings the First-Ever Hybrid CR-V to Market in 2020

Next year Honda will launch the CR-V Hybrid for the first time to compete with the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid.  

The Honda CR-V has been restyled for the 2020 model year and received a hybrid version.

In addition to slight exterior and interior upgrades, the next CR-V comes with the Honda Sensing safety suite as standard for the whole lineup. Besides, a 1.5-liter 4-cylinder turbo engine with 190 hp and 179 lb-ft of torque in pair with a CVT replaces a base naturally-aspirated 2.3-liter gasoline one.  

Honda CR-V Hybrid

The 2020 Honda CR-V Hybrid will be 50 percent more fuel-efficient than the gasoline (petrol) car. It shares the gasoline-electric powertrain with the Honda Accord Hybrid, meaning an Atkinson-cycle 2.0-liter, inline-four plus a couple of electric motors. The total power output is 212 hp.

The hybrid model will differ from the standard ICE-powered CR-V with blue badges, bumpers, a hidden exhaust, an “acoustic vehicle alerting system,” In the cabin it has a push-button-style gear selector and paddles on the steering wheel like on the Honda Insight.

The 2020 Honda CR-V Hybrid also offers:

  • real time AWD with Intelligent Control System;
  • hands free access power tailgate;
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration;
  • 75.8 ft3 cargo space, 105.9-ft3 area for passengers;
  • wireless phone charger;
  • LED fog lights;
  • 19-inch alloy wheels.

Price, on sale

The 2020 CR-V Hybrid will enter the market early next year. Its price, still unknown, should be competitive with the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid‘s.

The current 2019 Honda CR-V starts from $24,450 in the USA. The destination charge is $895.

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