Which Used EVs Are Best For Purchase: TOP 10 Rating

Renault ZOE

Journalists of the British magazine What car? have ranked the TOP 10 best used electric vehicles, in their opinion.

Over the past 10 years, automakers have been improving electric cars in terms of their driving range, battery capacity, comfort, controllability and hi-tech features. EV sales steadily grow, that means increase of offers on the secondary market.

10. Volkswagen e-Up

A cute little VW e-up is a good variant to start with, since it’s one of the best city cars on sale. The electric motor with its lively torque provides fast drive in the city. Batteries are carefully hidden under the seats, so there is no loss of internal space. The problem is that the driving range is only 66 miles (106 km).

9. Kia Soul EV

The crossover proves that electric cars should not look bored. The Kia Soul EV is practical, has a good level of equipment, which includes a climate control, heated front seats, a cruise control, a rear view camera. The home charger fully charges the Soul EV in 6 hours, and the fast charger feeds the battery up to 80% in about 30 minutes.

8. Opel / Vauxhall Ampera (Chevrolet Volt)

The Ampera and its close relative Chevrolet Volt actually have a petrol engine that works as a generator. The vehicle works as an electric car for most of the time, using the petrol motor only if you want to travel further, and the batteries are already discharged. The Opel / Vauxhall Ampera is sold poorly in Europe, but the Chevrolet Volt in is pretty popular in the United States.

7. Tesla Model X

The Tesla SUV is the largest and most expensive electric vehicle in the modern market. In addition, the Model X is a premium model in terms of equipment and comfort. A powerful battery provides a fairly large range of up to 200 miles (322 km).

6. Nissan Leaf

The first-generation Leaf has forever entered the history as the first EV put into mass production. The practical model is great for family. Though the first Nissan Leaf can run only 75-90 miles (120-150 km) on a single charge, the used vehicle can be purchased rather cheap – $7,000-8,000.

5. Tesla Model S

One more Tesla is included in the rating. The Model S sedan is more affordable than the Model X. A spacious interior and convenient loading make this comfortable car versatile. Like the Model X, the Model S is good for a long-distance travel.

4. Hyundai Ioniq

The Ioniq is available in three different modifications – hybrid, plug-in-hybrid and all-electric. The real driving range of the latter is about 117 miles (190 km). In addition, the Hyundai Ioniq has up-to-date equipment and is quite practical. It is able to pass relatively long distances, but, of course, without excessive acceleration and at moderate speed.

3. Volkswagen e-Golf

The biggest compliment the e-Golf deserves is that you feel yourself in it like in a regular Golf. The electric car is quieter and faster than petrol or diesel-powered ones. The claimed driving range is 125 miles (201 km). Moreover, it has a spacious trunk and a comfortable cabin.

2. BMW i3

This is one of the best offers among EVs in general and, in particular, on the market of used cars. It features high-quality electric drive, excellent equipment, good driving performance. Plus the range extender is a two-cylinder petrol engine-generator.


1. Renault ZOE

A small hatchback remains one of the most efficient electric cars on the market. Due to the improved battery (in 2015), the ZOE has got a great range. Tests have shown that at air temperature of +3-5°C in real conditions, the car passed 131 miles (211 km). And this is not about the most powerful battery. In general, the ZOE deserves its status of one of the most popular EVs, especially considering its rather affordable price. Even the new Renault ZOE costs $23,000.

Source: What car?
Upper photo: 2013 Renault Zoe

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